Friday, May 7, 2021

How To Fix Mcafee Download Error Code 12152?

It is essential to download Mcafee.Com/Activate from the official website however, it is very common to get McAfee error 12152 while downloading the McAfee software. When you try to download and install McAfee security product then your download process might get failed and this error is known to be error 12152. You might also see a message that is similar to this error: Unable to complete the download and installation process: You will see message on-screen saying we’re having trouble completing your McAfee software installation because of this error:12152”.

You might also see Something had gone wrong with the installation process and you will see a message on-screen saying “We’re having trouble completing your McAfee software. Here are some fixes you can try…”. Here in this article, you will get to learn the steps to fix such errors that might occur in between the process. So for more insights and other valuable inputs just go through the article.

What is the main cause behind McAfee download error 12152?

The point to understand is that neither your internet connection not the computer can cause this error. the error means that there is a problem with Www.Mcafee.Com/Activate download servers that are caused your download to fail. For example, the download servers should be overloaded with the customers who are trying to download the latest updates.

How to deal with McAfee download error 12152?

There is nothing you cannot resolve. You need to understand that the issues starts with the McAfee download servers. We just recommend that you should wait for about half an hour and then try to download it again. If the download process still fails then you need to try it again later.

If the error still persists then we just suggest that running a McAfee product removal tool before you try to install and download again. With the help of the customer product removal tool, there are some partial installations and the temporary files that are created during the installation and download process that is failed.

First of all, download the MCPR tool.

Now, double-tap on the MCPR.exe file.

When you get a security warning on-screen just tap on the “Yes”, “Continue” or “Run” button.

On the McAfee removal screen, just tap on the “Next” option.

Go through the license agreement and tap on the “Agree” option.

On the security validation screen, you have to type the characters that are present on-screen.

Tap on the “Next” button and when you see the process is complete just tap on the one messaged you see on-screen.

Just download the McAfee subscription from the authentic website again and if you cannot download it again then you can contact the technical support team.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

With the steps in this Post, you will be able to fix McAfee download error 12152. However, if you are stuck in between the steps or you have any confusion related to the topic then we strongly recommend you visit the official Www.Mcafee.Com/Activate website and get quality assistance to resolve your queries.

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